Our mission

We want people, companies and institutions to communicate with each other at every point in the world and to be able to achieve their technological, economic and social goals together. For us, business success, fair social interaction and respectful treatment of our environment belong together.


We treat all people with respect and appreciation, regardless of gender, skin color, origin, age, religion and social status. As an employer, we strive for diverse teams.

Strong for each other

Our goal is to offer our customers exactly the communication options they want. We use all our expertise and our network to achieve this. Because we know: The success of our customers is also our success.

Fairness & Reliability

Our dealings with customers, suppliers and business partners, competitors and the public are characterized by fairness, reliability and pragmatic action. We always comply with the applicable laws and strictly reject unfair methods. Any violations of these principles will be sanctioned by us immediately.


We stand for the security and reliability of our communication systems as well as for the confidentiality of all personal data of our employees and our customers.

For the environment

We protect our environment and actively strive to preserve natural resources. Electricity from renewable sources and hardware with the best energy efficiency standard are a matter of course for us. We continuously reduce our energy and water requirements as well as emissions and waste.

We actively stand up for our values worldwide. We supported the work of the German Red Cross or the competent authority for security tasks with the super-fast establishment of emergency communication via satellite after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and the flood disaster in the German Ahr valley in 2021

We are proud that institutions and companies that are also committed to these values are among our customers.