The Future
is now

High-security networks for energy suppliers, uninterruptible mobile communication, new LEO and MEO scenarios as well as communication systems for remote-controlled ships and drones – these are the future topics for MediaMobil.

High-security networks for
energy suppliers and mobile communication

The energy transition towards renewable energies is causing increasingly decentralized power generation by private and municipal producers. Controlling this highly complex grid requires data and voice connections of the highest reliability. This is exactly what satellite communication offers. It ensures the uninterrupted operation of the power grid even in emergencies and is therefore a necessary component for the future security of the power supply.

The same applies to mobile networks, whose importance for global communication continues to grow. Parallel to this, the use of satellite communication will grow. Through the temporary use of satellite communication as a back-up in case of emergency or as a permanent supplement to mobile communication, it will become increasingly important for the smooth operation of global mobile communication networks.

New generation of satellites
for new applications

MediaMobil is currently reviewing potential uses for the Low Earth Orbit and Medium Earth Orbit satellites currently being launched by OneWeb, Starlink and other satellite operators.

Their significantly higher bandwidth at lower cost and shorter latency makes entirely new application scenarios possible. However, technical, security-related and legal aspects still need to be carefully clarified before the new offerings are ready for professional and security-critical applications.

Communication for remote-controlled ships and drones

MediaMobil also recognises promising future markets in the equipment of remote-controlled ships and drones. The company is already developing special radio solutions for communication within visual range. It is also planning satellite systems for longer distances and as a backup. MediaMobil is therefore continuously expanding its development capacities for both hardware and software.

Research project „FernSAMS“: Remote-controlled tugboat

Video: Research project „FernSAMS“ – Remote controlled Voith Schneider Propeller (rcVSP) // Ferngesteuerte Hafenschlepper
Project partners: Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG; MacGregor Hatlapa GmbH & Co. KG; MTC Marine Training Center Hamburg GmbH; MediaMobil Communication GmbH; Fraunhofer CML; Technische Universität Hamburg; Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau