Global coverage through own infrastructure

As a manufacturer-independent specialist for satellite communication, MediaMobil operates its own teleport at the Bremen location and ensures worldwide coverage through its own satellite network with five additional teleports in Hawaii, the USA, the Philippines and Australia. It also has a redundant structure and is therefore fail-safe.

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The satellite connections are primarily operated in the Ku-frequency band via permanently leased satellite capacities of the operators Eutelsat, Telesat, Intelsat, SES and ABS. These are dedicated capacities which are not shared with other network operators. This exclusivity ensures the highest possible quality of service.

Maximum availability at any location

The MediaMobil network infrastructure is based on state-of-the-art VSAT technology and transmission methods. The satellite connections are automatically adapted to the transmission conditions at each location. The Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) process used in this process offers the highest possible bandwidth and maximum availability of the connections at all times. L-band services from Iridium and Inmarsat are provided for back-up connections in case the VSAT link fails, for example if the view to the satellite is blocked or in case of a hardware failure.

Unique & reliable

With its Multilink Gateway, developed in-house and produced in Bremen, MediaMobil has a unique technological solution: taking into account the respective location and other criteria, the Multilink Gateway selects the optimal satellite or mobile connection fully automatically. The selection criteria are, in particular, the availability and quality of the connections as well as the priorities specified by the customer.

Image Multilink Gateway

Optimal satellite connection at all times

Unlike other commercial gateway solutions, such as least cost routers, the Multilink Gateway automatically switches between different satellites (so called automatic beam switching function). For this purpose, an intelligent algorithm is used which ensures the selection of the best satellite connection in each case, the avoidance of satellite changes during ongoing telephone calls and a minimum interruption time during the switching process.

This feature is particularly important for mobile users. For example, ships, offshore platforms and other mobile stations can communicate worldwide via a reliable and stable connection.

The Multilink Gateway can also be used to automatically switch to backup connections in the event of a satellite or terrestrial network connection failure. For example, if fiber glass connections fail, the gateway will switch to VSAT backup connections.

Fully automatic and transparent switching

Switching between different networks and/or satellites is always done transparently from the point of view of the customer network and does not require any manual intervention.

Optionally, additional customer-specific firewall functions can be configured in the Multilink Gateway. As an in-house development, other IP gateway functions can also be implemented according to the customer’s requirements.

Today, customers both on ships and on land use the Multilink Gateway very successfully.

MediaMobil developed the intelligent gateway itself in 2012 in the course of the ESA project SASS@Sea to optimise satellite communication on ships and used it for the first time. Since then, it has become an integral part of maritime satellite communication made by MediaMobil.