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As specialists in satellite technology, we provide communication. Globally, digitally and securely. Our thinking and actions are always determined by the individual requirements of our customers.
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Isolated regions

Construction sites.
Desert regions.
Disaster areas.

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Offshore projects.
New ports.

Resilient networks

Mobile communications.
Fixed networks.
Power grids.

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New satellite systems.
Remotely controlled ships.
Drone communications.

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Success Story

Harren & Partner

The Bremen-based shipping and logistics group Harren & Partner has been a MediaMobil customer since 2017. MediaMobil has replaced the less flexible and rather expensive L-band connections between ship and shore with the significantly more efficient V-SAT technology. The IT on board is now also supported by V-SAT and is significantly more powerful than before.

Andreas Nil, authorised managing director

„The most significant Innovation for us has been the development of IP-based V-SAT systems."

Image Andreas Nil Geschaeftsfueherer

With its Multilink Gateway, developed in-house and produced in Bremen, MediaMobil has a unique technological solution: taking into account the respective location and other criteria, the Multilink Gateway selects the optimal satellite or mobile connection fully automatically.

NEW: Multi Orbit Services

Increased speed.
Low latency.
Cheaper tariffs.


More safety and efficiency in maritime communication. with low earth orbit satellites.