Resilient networks

MediaMobil’s back-up services protect critical infrastructures, such as those of energy providers or mobile network operators, against failures of terrestrial communication systems. Regardless of whether forces of nature, physical attacks or cyber-attacks destroy the terrestrial connections of a mobile network – the network remains fully functional via an alternative back-up satellite connection.

Making mobile networks more resilient

The expansion and use of mobile networks is growing worldwide, and their vulnerability is increasing at the same rate. Forces of nature, terrorist attacks, and cyber-attacks can lead to complete breakdowns of mobile communication networks both regionally and nationally – with unforeseeable consequences for the entire network and its users.

To maintain voice and data communications in the affected region despite these outages, MediaMobil offers back-up services via satellite connections. In an emergency, it bypasses the completely or partially destroyed network components and takes over all voice and data communications, including image and video transmission – even encrypted if necessary.

MediaMobil's services for mobile communications

The MediaMobil Teleport is equipped with a generator system that enables operation for a period of more than four weeks without an external power supply (blackout). This prevents mobile communications customers from even noticing the network outages. But that’s not all: even if the data volume increases in the event of a disaster, this additional load is not a problem thanks to flexible adjustment of the satellite capacity. In addition, due to the network architecture and the special transmission procedures, a satellite backup is largely secure against targeted attacks from the outside.

Complement mobile communications via satellite permanently

In order to build up a nearly comprehensive mobile network, it is often necessary to open up uneconomical areas (large, sparely populated rural areas, mountain regions, etc.). In these cases, MediaMobil offers the possibility of connecting 3G, 4G and 5G base stations to the respective mobile network via satellite. Reliable and powerful.

This avoids the expensive and complex terrestrial connection – with high performance.

Bypassing fixed network outages via satellite

MediaMobil operates its own global communications network via satellite. If necessary, MediaMobil provides back-up connections at customer locations in the event of a terrestrial network failure. The central hub of the back-up network is the MediaMobil teleport in Bremen.

This teleport is connected to the Internet and the public telephone network via redundant broadband access. The connection to the customer sites is established via geostationary satellites. For this purpose, the customer sites are equipped with a satellite antenna and a modem. Their size is roughly equivalent to a SAT-TV reception system.

If the terrestrial connection fails, the system automatically switches to the satellite system. The IP connections are switched transparently.

The switching time ranges from a few seconds to a minute, depending on the customer network. Bandwidths of up to 100 Mbit/s in download and 20 Mbit/s in upload are possible. Higher bandwidths can also be realized with special modems if required.

MediaMobil currently offers the backup service throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. If required, backup services can also be set up at locations worldwide.

Protect power grids against outages

Energy is the lifeline of any modern civil society. A power supply failure is therefore one of the worst disaster scenarios in the modern world.

MediaMobil’s back-up services reliably protect power grids as critical infrastructures against targeted cyber-attacks and also against the damage caused by natural disasters or physical attacks.

Both the maintenance of data connections for the control of critical network components, especially substations, and emergency communication between and within the management and operations teams are ensured.

The substations and network control centers as well as the central locations of the network operators will be equipped with satellite systems for this purpose, which ensure data transmission as well as voice and image communication completely independently of terrestrial lines and radio networks.

The operating teams can additionally be equipped with mobile satellite systems in order to be able to communicate at any location.

Back-up services by MediaMobil – always the best solution

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