MediaMobil's maritime communication solutions

The communication needs of commercial shipping are increasing rapidly: shipping companies want constant contact with their crews at sea, captains need access to forms and documents, and seafarers want to communicate with their families as they would on land.

As a result, MediaMobil services make a vital contribution to crew welfare as defined by IHRB, SSI and RAFTO for the maritime industry. This is because full-fledged Internet access can be provided to crew members for personal use via satellite, not only near the coast, but throughout the entire sea route.

We know the needs of the shipping industry very well and have been operating proven communication systems especially for cargo, research and government vessels as well as entire fleets very successfully for years. MediaMobil also connects offshore wind farms, erector, dredger and work vessels and platforms to a company’s overall IP-based communications via VSAT.
The advantages

MediaMobil not only takes care of the planning of the communication solution, but also the entire hardware delivery and on-site installation. After commissioning, MediaMobil monitors the operation 24/7 and is personally available with its experts for all support-related questions.

Optional services
MediaMobil pays particular attention to cybersecurity. Here, MediaMobil applies an IT security concept based on the guidelines of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

The MediaMobil Multilink Gateway

The Multilink Gateways by MediaMobil ensure a particularly stable, secure and at the same time cost-effective Internet connection even on the high seas. They are located on the particular ship and independently select the best current communication channel. To do this, they switch transparently between VSAT and other satellite networks or – near the coast – search for available alternative cellular or WLAN connections.

MediaMobil developed the intelligent gateway itself in 2012 as part of the ESA project to optimize satellite communications on ships (project name SASS@Sea) and used it for the first time. Since then, it has been an integral part of maritime satellite communication made by MediaMobil.

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